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Unlike wood, vinyl siding doesn’t rot or warp. It’s energy efficient, durable, and beautiful. And it’s easy to maintain! You don’t need to scrape or paint it, but there are a few tasks you’ll want to add to your home maintenance list to keep it looking as good as it does when it’s first installed. Here’s how to keep your investment in vinyl siding looking its very best:  

Look For Signs of Damage to Your Home 

Quality vinyl siding systems, properly installed, will protect your home for decades. But especially after significant weather events, it’s a good idea to inspect your home for damage. Walk around your property and check for downed limbs that may have fallen into against the structure. Look for dings, dents, punctures, and cracks, being sure to view the siding from various angles, in sunshine and in shade. Pay particular attention to seams and joints, and potential water damage. 

Wash Your Vinyl Siding 

To keep your vinyl siding looking fresh and new, wash it with a garden hose and mild soap once a year. For noticeably dirty areas or textured surfaces, use a long-handled soft bristle brush. Start at the bottom of the house and work your way up, rinsing off the soap from top to bottom before it dries. Mildew, moss, and mold can be removed using a cleaner such as Fantastik, Windex, or a solution of  vinegar and water. Be sure to cover any nearby plants, as vinegar might harm them. Avoid strong soaps and solvents including grease removers, detergents, and bleach. 

Treat Hard to Remove Vinyl Siding 

To remove difficult stains like paint, oil, and tar, use a mildly abrasive cleaner such as Soft Scrub or Ajax. Test the product on a small, hidden area to ensure it doesn’t damage or discolor the siding. Vinegar, baking soda, and water can be used to treat mold and mildew. Be sure to rinse well. 

Power Wash Your Vinyl Siding 

You may also be able to power wash your siding, but make sure to check with the manufacturer’s instructions. Start with a low pressure setting and use the lowest setting that will get the job done. Pressure washing can be faster and more thorough than your garden hose.  

To start, first cover any cracks or holes so water doesn’t get behind the panels. Then pre-rinse with just water to remove cobwebs, dirt, dust, etc. Never start with a high setting or stand too closely to your target. Stand as far as possible from your home and hold the wand at an angle. Use only soft pressure with the power washer.  

Use a Vinyl Siding Restoration Product 

As your siding ages, you may want to add another step after cleaning. Vinyl restorers can brighten your siding and help restore its original color. The products also help to protect your siding against stains and the sun’s damaging rays. Be sure to check with your manufacturer before using. 

Do Not Paint Vinyl Siding 

You should not paint your siding unless the manufacturer specifically says it’s OK. Some will void your warranty if the siding is painted.  

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