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Home remodeling! What an exciting, stressful, overwhelming, taxing, wonderful experience. The range of emotions that most people go through when deciding to enhance their most prized asset; their home, can be unforgiving. From the initial adrenalin of finally deciding to go for it, to the stress of choosing the right contractor and materials, followed by the pain of dealing with the noise and the mess. At the end we are back to the joy and excitement of seeing a beautiful transformation to the home.

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here is a common conversation used in the industry by sales guys with their customers that goes something like this:

Every customer is looking for the same thing; the best products, the best warranties and service, and the best price. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get all three at the same time. If you had to give up one of those things to keep the other two what would it be?”

The obvious answer is to sacrifice the price; which makes sense, “good things are rarely cheap, and cheap things are rarely good,” but this often leaves customers paying 2-3 times the amount of the less qualified competitors! Holy bananas! there must be a better way to get some quality work done...

NOW Remodeling there is!

After helping build and grow three of the largest remodeling companies on the west coast our founder has gained a lot of valuable experience and insights. Here are some important observations. Most of the larger reputable companies follow the same basic structure that has been used successfully in the industry for ages. In a nutshell: sell quality products, back them up with awesome service and warranties, and spend a tremendous amount of money on marketing! These companies grow because people come to them for the quality of their products and services; unfortunately, with the way these companies are run those products and services become unbearably expensive.

The Time is NOW Remodeling

Times have changed, and so should our outdated remodeling industry. Our founder has set out to find a way to bring three specific things to our customer: The Best Products, The Best Warranties and Service, AND The Best Price.

This is Remodeling Reimagined!

The Best Products

We proudly offer Made in America products, because with NOW there is No Other Way.

Having a long-standing relationship with some of the largest, most highly rated manufacturers nation-wide allows us instant access to the best quality products in the industry. Whether you are looking for mind-blowing efficiency from your new windows; or unheard-of longevity from your roofing and siding, our products bring the latest innovations in building materials right to your home.


The bulk of our window and siding products are produced in a plant recently Certified to New ISO 9001:2015 Standards (scratching your head wondering what that means? Click the link to learn more!). Simply put; ISO 9001:2015 is the most stringent up to date standards for quality in the manufacturing world. It is a certification that very few manufacturing plants ever achieve. Beginning with quality, means that we will finish your project with quality.

The Best Warranties & Service

NOW PRESENTING……Lifetime Warranties that actually do something!!

It seems that almost every product available carries a lifetime warranty these days, even if that product is built to only last a few years. With all the loopholes and work-arounds that allow manufacturers to get away with this, many customers are left feeling like; “a warranty isn’t worth any more than the paper it’s printed on”.

At NOW, Warranty verbiage and how well the manufacturer stands behind it, is one of our first screening processes when choosing a manufacturer to partner with. Our strategic partnerships are with those that have proven track records of satisfaction. These companies’ immense size, reputation, and longevity in the industry mean that you can have peace of mind knowing that you are covered.

The Best Price

Does having the lowest price mean it’s the best price?......That answer is a huge no!

First off, does having the lowest price mean it’s the best price?... That answer is a huge no. A low bid is one of the most frightening things that you can get when choosing someone to work on your home; and often times that turns into the highest bid by the end. The fact is; quality materials cost more, quality installers cost more, and maintaining a quality business cost more. You want a company that is financially stable enough that if years down the road you need help, you know that they will still be there. But that doesn’t mean that you should have to pay 2-3 times the amount to have those things.

The Best Price is one where; quality products are purchased at a fair price, quality workers are paid a fair wage, and customers pay the fair amount for the work being done.

NOW that makes sense!

So how do we stay so competitive? By using innovative new marketing strategies, along with a more modern business structure, we have “cut the fat out” of remodeling. Let’s lower expenses on our end so that you can keep quality on yours! Check out our process to learn more!


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