Choosing Siding for Your Home in Boise            

With hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters, Boise can beat up your home. Vinyl siding offers wraparound protection that can weather the weather in Idaho. But be sure to weigh your options and consider what’s the best investment for your home and your finances. The style, products, and contractor you choose will make all the difference. 

Select Your Style and Curb Appeal with Vinyl Siding 

Gone are the days when vinyl siding came in few styles and limited colors. Now you can choose from shakes, clapboard, Dutch lap, and board and batten. They look like wood but offer the protection only vinyl siding can. Whether you want to fit into your Idaho neighborhood or stand out, you have options. 

The three common styles for siding are shake, horizontal, and vertical. Much like its wooden counterpart, board and batten is vertical siding that offers a rustic look and is great for a barn or that luxury cabin in the woods. With the battens covering the seams between the boards, the wooden system provided great protection against wind and cold and so does its vinyl version. Vertical siding is easier to clean and maintain than horizontal styles and has a unique look that can define your property.  

The more common clapboard vinyl is a horizontal siding. It’s made of overlapping vinyl strips that resemble wooden planking and comes in a variety of styles, grains, and textures. Dutch lap siding is also placed horizontally, but each panel overlaps another creating a look that resembles hand-carved slats. And shakes wrap around your home horizontally but have an old-world look that harkens back to colonial days. 

Whatever vinyl siding you choose, you have more color options than ever before. You can also mix and match styles and colors to give your home a truly unique appearance. 

Choose the Right Siding Manufacturer for Your Boise Home  

The right brand of siding will insulate and protect your home for decades. Look for a super polymer vinyl that will resist moisture, dents, cracks, chips, buckles, and fading. Especially during the rainy season, you want to be assured that your siding system will prevent moisture, mildew, and rot. Thick siding slats combined with rigid foam-backed EPS insulation will give you better protection, lower energy bills, and sound reduction qualities.  Continuous insulation—over the studs as well as the gaps between them—also improves overall siding performance. Consider these four siding components: 

  • Tri-Pigment Reflection—to provide heat reflection that can lower AC bills 
  • Weather Barrier Shield—to ensure low-maintenance 
  • UV Protection—to block the sun’s harmful UV rays 
  • Anti-Fade Protection—to ensure superior color retention 
  • Foam-Backed –to be more energy efficient and sound blocking 

Choose the Right Installer  

Even the best products can fail if they’re not installed properly. Ask your contractor the right questions to make sure they are skilled professionals able to complete any installation to your exact satisfaction. Are they preferred installers of the manufacturer’s brand? Do they use the full system recommended by the manufacturer? Siding isn’t just what you see on the outside. Why lies beneath is even more important!  

Check the Siding Warranty  

There are two types of warranties for any vinyl siding project: a manufacturer’s warranty and a contractor’s warranty. You want both, but if your contractor is a preferred installer of a manufacturer, the manufacturer will also guarantee the workmanship. That means even if your installer goes out of business, you’re covered. 

Look for a limited lifetime warranty that covers your siding for as long as you own your property. Coverage should warrant that the product will not peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, chip, crack, corrode or be consumed by termites. Also look for a fade warranty that states that your siding will not fade more than four standard color units over its lifetime. 

Why Go Vinyl in Boise? 

According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2022 Home Remodeling Impact Report, if you upgrade your home with vinyl siding, you’ll recoup 84% of your investment. You and a future buyer of your home will appreciate the longevity of the siding along with its low maintenance.  

Want to learn more about vinyl siding? NOW Remodeling in Boise uses high quality ProVia CedarMax foam-backed siding that is perfect for protection from Boise weather. We are a Preferred Contractor which means we meet the manufacturer’s high standards for installer training, insurance, and licensing. Request your free quote today.  

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