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Install a Patio Cover

Experience the great outdoors while staying protected from the elements with beautiful, meticulously crafted patio covers, screen rooms, and sunrooms by Renaissance. As the exclusive Renaissance Patio Products partner in Boise, Spokane, Greenville, and the Tri-Cities, NOW Remodeling is proud to be a Diamond Dealer for the full line of Renaissance products. Renaissance Patio Products are designed to withstand whatever nature throws their way, with high-strength connections, sculpted beams, and covers for exposed fasteners. They come in a variety of styles to match your home, your needs, and your personal tastes.

Benefits of Installing Renaissance Patio Covers

  • Shade and protection from the elements
  • Safe, secure, and code compliant
  • Patent pending integrated construction system
  • Engineered connections for easy install and long life
  • UV resistant end caps and covers
  • Superior defense against high winds and heavy snow
  • High strength, custom attachment to the ground
  • Insulation for added cooling
  • Customized designs to compliment your home
  • Sculpted aluminum beams, seamless connections, and high impact nylon covers
  • Integrated, decorative gutter system that directs water away from your roofing
  • High quality roof panels that last
  • All extruded aluminum construction
  • Baked on finish for a lifetime of good looks
  • Rust-resistant nylon headed fasteners
  • Low maintenance

Expand your living space, transform your property.

Find out how. Explore our selection of Renaissance Patio Products: 

Renaissance Moderno

Clean lines, modern design, and a major step up from the plain old patio roof, the Renaissance Moderno gives your space a high-end look and feel without the high-end price tag.

Renaissance Contempo

Decorative framed look coupled with aluminum simplicity, at an affordable price point, the Renaissance Contempo makes your patio beautiful and practical.

Renaissance Classico

The Classico is an uncompromising take on the traditional wood-framed patio roof, with a full truss framing system and a flawlessly high-end look.

Renaissance Fresco

Incorporating a translucent pearl, polycarbonate roofing system, the Renaissance Fresco lets in 70% of the sun’s light, while keeping out the rain and reducing heat transfer.

Renaissance Aria Shade Trellis

The Aria Shade Trellis looks like a wooden shade trellis, but is made of high strength, low maintenance extruded aluminum for long-lasting backyard entertainment and pleasure.

Renaissance Lumino Sunrooms

Lumino Sunrooms expand the seasons with Claro sunroom wall designs that allow any type of window or door to be installed in any one of our product lines.

Renaissance Dolce Seamless Screen Walls

Designed for protection and beauty, Dolce Seamless Screen Walls hide the screws and fasteners for a seamless look.

What patio cover style will work for your home?

NOW Remodeling will help you choose the Patio Cover that works best for you, your property, and your budget. Work with your personal consultant to design the project that’s right for you.

Install a patio cover!

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