9 Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Your Windows

Replacing the windows in your homes is a large investment. If it’s done correctly, it can increase the value of your home and provide energy efficiency to help lower your heating and cooling bills. But people make mistakes all the time. Don’t be like them! Here are the 9 mistakes to avoid when you replace your windows: 

1. Choose Cost Over Quality with Windows 

A cheaper product might have that lower price sticker because it’s more cheaply constructed. Conduct research on various window brands and learn what elements are most important. Compare components, manufacturing processes, and energy ratings. Research the brand of windows that your contractor uses and find out all you can about the product.  

2. Install the Wrong Size Windows 

Windows purchased from a big box hardware store may seem like a money-saving choice at the start. But a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. If your windows are old enough to need replacing, the chances are things have shifted since they were first installed. Only customized windows will ensure the best fit to your home. For a proper fit and seal, order custom-sized windows. 

3. Don’t Inspect and Replace Framing 

Ideally, you will be able to install your new windows into your old frames. But that isn’t always the case. If your frames have been damaged by water, insects, rot, or general deterioration, you’ll need to replace the windows and the frame. If the frames are in good condition and you like their architectural look, there’s no need to replace them. You’ll just need to replace the jamb liners and sash parts. 

4. Choose the Same Windows You Have Now  

Whether it’s double hung windows, sliders, or casement windows, you don’t have to install the same type of windows you currently have. Research what will work best for your home, considering the size of the opening, improved airflow, greater energy efficiency and style. Your new windows can add to your home’s beauty. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. 

5. Replacing Windows Yourself 

Unless you’re an actual contractor, opting to install replacement windows yourself could be a big mistake. Improperly installed windows can cause damage to the interior of your home. And if the installation is not performed to the exact specifications of the manufacturer, your warranty could be void. 

6. Choose the Wrong Contractor 

Even the best window systems will fail if they’re not installed properly. Be sure to vet your contractor well. What products do they install? Are the preferred contractors for the manufacturer who have been trained to install the exact products you order? Preferred status means that you get a warranty not only from the contractor, but also from the manufacturer. Choose a contractor who has experience and a track record of installing quality products that last. 

7. Don’t Read the Contract 

Before you put down a deposit or sign a contract, make sure you read it through and ask questions. Your contract will include important details such as: 

  • Project Overview 
  • Total Costs  
  • Deposit and Payment Schedule 
  • Estimate Job Length 
  • Change Procedure
  • Warranty Coverage 
  • Proof of Insurance 
  • Dispute Resolution Procedure 

8. Don’t Check the Window Warranties 

Warranties play an important part in the choice of windows and a contractor. Replacement window warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so protections offered by one brand might not be applicable under another. Read the fine print!  

Some warranties may only cover three to five years, while higher quality windows can be warrantied for decades. You may be able to request a double lifetime warranty that provides coverage for however long you own your home or a pro-rated warranty that covers a decreasing percentage of replacement part costs as the windows age. The older the window the more you would have to pay if there is a problem.  

9. Ignore Security and Maintenance 

Make sure your windows are built with secure locks and durable components. Also, ask about the best maintenance routine to make sure you keep them in working order for the life of your investment.  

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