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What to Look for in a Washington Roofing Contract

Ready to install a new roof in Washington State? Before the work begins, you need to sign a contract between you and the installer. It’s a very important document that outlines the work you’ll have done, how it will be accomplished, and how much it will cost. Here is what to look for in a standard roofing contract in the state of Washington: 

Named Parties to the Roofing Contract in Washington 

Your contract needs to accurately represent the parties committing to it. It includes your name, address, and contact info, along with the contractor’s. It needs to say exactly where the work will be performed, and it needs to be dated. 

Roofing Contractor Scope of Work 

The scope of work defines the project overview and lays out the responsibilities, expectations, and technical details of the work to be performed. It includes the type, color, and brand of the roofing material to be installed such as shingles or metal and other materials and components such as flashing, roof fans, vent, and edging.  

Permits and Insurance in Washington 

It is the contractor’s responsibility to maintain general liability, workmen’s compensation, and builder’s risk insurance policies and to pull the necessary permits required by your local government. The cost of these permits should be included in the price of the roof installation.  

Changes Orders to the Roofing Contract 

It is possible that you may want to change something during your roofing project. Change orders must be written and signed and then they become part of the original agreement. The order will stipulate the change, scope, and additional cost or deduction from the original contract. 

Roofing Contract Pricing and Payments 

Roofing contracts are often priced either as a fixed fee that includes labor and materials or a cost-plus model where you pay the cost of the materials plus a set amount for the performance of the tasks of the contract. Regardless of the model, it should be clearly spelled out. The contract should also  

detail the schedule of payments such as an initial deposit and the final payment upon completion. There may also be stipulations about late penalties and interest. 

Financing Your Roofing Job in Washington 

Some roofing contractors will help facilitate the financing of your project, whether independently or through a third party. Financing would be outlined in a separate contract between you and the financer. In Washington, if you take out a loan you have three days after the date of your truth-in-lending disclosure statement or notice of loan denial to change your mind and cancel the financing contract.    

Contract Warranties for Your Roof 

Your contract will detail the warranty you get with your products and installation. There are three types of roofing warranties: a standard warranty offered by the manufacturer of the roofing materials, a workmanship warranty offered by the contractor who installs the roof, and an extended manufacturers’ warranty that covers contractor workmanship and expanded coverage for the products. Your contract states the number of years that you will have coverage under the manufacturer’s warranty for the roofing material and the number of years covered under the installer’s warranty. 

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